I was looking at a couple of Inspiron 530 and 530S Desktop PC's in PC World yesterday.

    All on them (3-4) had what I would deem to be a defect in their DVD drawer design.

    Ejecting the tray was fine however it then became almost impossible to reach the button to close it again as the now open tray covered it.

    Is this common on all the 530 and 530S or have PC World got a faulty batch.

    The guy in PC World said that the design and pushing in the tray solves the problem, however I feel this is unacceptable and would be prone to breaking the mechanism.

    This has most certainly made me have second thoughts as to whether this is the best computer for my needs.


    i think virtually every optical drive in the last decade has closed via either a button or pushing the tray in so i wouldnt regard this as a defect

    I've closed the CD drive in my PC by pushing it since i bought the drive in 2001, it's been through all my PC's and is still going strong:thumbsup:

    If they weren't designed to be pushed closed then they wouldn't retract by themselves when you started to push them. I prefer slot-loading drives when I can get them but those tray drives I've had have always been pushed closed.

    I`m currently using the 530 and have no problem reaching the button, however I have always closed the drawer by pushing on all of my computers.

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    Thanks to everyone for tkaing the time to reply
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