Posted 18 November 2023

Dell 7480 i5 vs Lenove T470 i5

Trying to decide which would be best between the Dell 7480 i5 vs Lenove T470 i5.

They both are i5 6300u although the dell one has the option for i5 7300u for a little extra (not sure if it will make a difference?). Both have 8gb ram and 256 ssd.

School work mostly but one that has capability of lasting longer and expanding ram and stoatge in future if need be.
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  1. tardytortoise's avatar
    Toss a coin! I know very little about these actual models other than what you told me. The chances that anyone here having first hand extensive experience of both models is slim.
    I own Dell and Lenovo laptops - just not these models. In my experience Lenovo is better than Dell but no doubt there will be many others with the converse opinion.
    And that is the point - pure opinions. If your extensive research cannot reveal a clear choice then toss a coin!
  2. harrythefish's avatar
    Lots of tutorials on iFixit for repairing the Lenovo including replacing the SSD if one day it's needed. Just one lonely tutorial on the Dell, battery replacement. As I tend to buy used or refurb and keep stuff a long time, it'd be the Lenovo for me (have 2 atm).
  3. Johnmcl7's avatar
    I've used T470s and had no issues with them as they seem solid machines and still have one that works fine. I'd look into how much more it would be to get a T480 though as they offer an 8th gen Intel processor which is officially supported by Windows 11 and they use USB-C for charging instead of a proprietary charger as the T470 uses.
  4. dcx_badass's avatar
    T480 minimum, as mentioned its worth getting an 8th gen i5, as well as roughly double the performance you get official win 11 support. And there's been deals for them starting at like £135 for a lenovo x280.
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