Dell 9 cell battery upgrade on some laptops free

    I was looking at the Studio 15 and M1530 lines and it seems the 9 cell battery is a free upgrade


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    How can you vote cold on something free

    its not really free. you have to buy a 500 pound machine first.

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    Well yeah, but this is something I'd expect people already planning to buy a £500 machine to like as a free extra. I'm not expecting someone to buy laptop in order to get a free battery upgrade. (And it's more like a £400 machine :-D)

    It is a very good deal for people that want the 9 cell battery but having seen what a 9 cell battery is like in an XPS M1530 I’d rather have the 6 cell. The 9 cell is often ridiculously priced at around £100 for the upgrade as well.


    How can you vote cold on something free

    Just click on the blue arrow. :-D

    The 9 cell battery upgrade is free down to a general shortage of 6 cell'ers.

    After the studio released they had masses of orders (myself included).

    Be mindful though that the 9 cell battery will protrude aboute 3cm from the back of the laptop, and will generate some extra heat.

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