Dell 9200 C2Q 6600 4x1GB DDR PC2-5300 667Mz Upgrade RAM Memory


    I am currently looking to upgrade my memory from 4GB 667Mhz to 4GB XXXXMhz to the fastest possible for my desktop PC.
    It currently has 4x 1GB DDR PC2-5300 667Mz . Please could you tell me the steps to identify the best (fastest) RAM for my PC. How do I find out the fastest Mhz it can support?

    This is the information from the Crucial Memory Scanner:

    " # Maximum Memory Capacity: 4096MB
    # Currently Installed Memory: 4GB
    # Available Memory Slots: 0
    # Number of Banks: 4
    # Dual Channel Support: Yes
    # CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
    # CPU Family: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Model 15, Stepping 11
    # CPU Speed: 2400 MHz

    Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-4200,DDR2 PC2-5300,DDR2 PC2-6400 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

    *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory. "

    Please could you post links and suggstions of good upgrades to help me.

    Many Thanks in Advance.


    Given that you've already been on the crucial site.. you're pretty much there already Just look at what buying options they give you.

    FWIW, i wouldn't bother and would put the money aside towards a new PC later on, or more immediately look at a new graphics card or hard drive (e.g. WD Raptor 10k)

    Hi there - I haven't got a dell myself, but are you sure you can upgrade to faster ram, and will it be worth it?
    What has held me back from buying a dell so far is the locked down bios. If you go into your bios (press 'del' or F2 or whichever button is required) when starting your PC you can see if you can change the frequency of your ram. If you can, then most current ddr2 modules can easily be overclocked. If not, then see if it tells you what the max speed ram your computer can take.

    To be honest, you won't even be able to tell the difference if you upgrade the RAM speed, as it will be in the order of a few percent, up to a maximum of 5% I reckon. Fast RAM is only essential if you are overclocking, and from what I know about dell pc's, that option is disabled in the bios?

    Hope that helps a bit!

    PC2-6400 is DDR2 800Mhz so it's only the next speed up - there are probably better things to spend £60 on to get more equal or better performance compared to that memory upgrade.

    Yeah these guys are right, would really be pretty pointless upgrading in most situations. If you really want to though (company funded PC maybe?) then you should consider CAS ratings too, and go for a quality brand.

    Have a dell 9200 myself upgraded from 2gb 667mHz to 4gb 800mhz ram but i did run 2x1gb 667 and 2x1gb 800mhz for a couple of months when i finally changed to 4 x1gb 800mHz there was no real difference to be honest probably due to 2gb system memory access of vista 32bit
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