Dell A525 Speakers + Sub Help on Vostro 200

    I have a Dell Vostro 200 running vista SP1 and have attached some Dell A525 speakers and sub to the computer. Before i started adding users etc, just powered it up to install stuff, i tried out the speakers and had them working as well as the sub, after some playing about. I think it didnt work to begin with but i did something that made it work and me being an idiot have forgotten it.

    Now ive set up the PC properly, ive connected the speakers an subwoofer up again, but i can only get sound coming from the speakers, but yet nothing from the subwoofer, even though its on and powered.

    Can anyone help at all please, as it worked before.

    THanks :thumbsup:


    Have you configured and tested via the onboard audio control panel?

    you have to set the speaker settings - Control panel > sound and audio devices, on the volume tab at the bottom click advanced and select the type of speakers you are using.

    Or just double click the Realtek audio icon :thumbsup:

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    Tried configuring it by control panel etc, to no lucj. Its set to use stereo. There are options for quadrophonic i think, 5:1 and 7:1, but dont need them.

    Its weird that it worked before now it doesnt. Ive tried configuring it also through the Realtek HD Audio Manager, but still nothing.

    Can you suggest anything else?

    Try 5.1 as you need the .1 for the sub.
    The two rear channels can just be ignored as there are no speakers anyway :thumbsup:

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    Thanks will give it a try 2mo, as should really get some sleep.

    Has the sub woofer got it's own volume control? f so check it isn't turned off and check the connecting wires also.

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    Done this also. Its got a colume twisty knob on the top and have adjusted this. Ive got the same speakers on my PC upstairs so easy to set up as they work.

    Checked all cables, but still no hope but im at work so ill have to try when i get home.

    Any more help would be appreciated.

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    Still cant get it to work :'(

    the subwoofer have a separate volume control. Have u turned it up?

    If you find you only get sound out of the two satellite speakers and little or no sound from the subwoofer (try placing your ear very close to it), then I'm afraid your subwoofer is faulty.

    Verify the problem still exists by connecting it to another computer. Then telephone Dell Vostro technical support. They should replace it under warranty once they are convinced it is not a problem with the Vostro 200 base unit.

    I've had two defective subwoofers delivered (Original and replacement were defective) when I ordered a Vostro 400 last May, and I'm not the only customer to experience DOA's.
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