Dell Adamo - SSD Trim support? SSD performance!

    There have been a few Dell Adamo deals so there must be some owners amongst the HUKD community.
    For anyone that bought one with Windows 7 pre-installed does the SSD support Trim? If not did you manage to find a firmware upgrade that does support it?

    I’m wondering if anybody has benchmarked their SSD using CrystalDiskMark or similar?


    is it Samsung PB22 JS3 128 GB SSD

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    is it Samsung PB22 JS3 128 GB SSD

    I don’t know which drive shipped with the Windows 7 versions. At least some if not all of the Vista versions had a Samsung SSD and Dell seem to go with them a lot.
    The earlier Samsung SSDs with the Adamo didn’t support Trim and a firmware upgrade was never made available as far as I can tell. That’s why I want info from anyone with a Windows 7 Adamo.…es/
    shows hard wired
    There has been mentions of the firmware but finding it they must be referring to another model number especially as this dell Samsung SSD Thin uSATA 128 GB version soldered if above website is correct…19/

    assuming I have the right text above and to the right of this Samsung SSD Thin uSATA 128 GB…jpg

    SAMSUNG M158R-

    Everything is point toward this being the model and as such seems to offer no support for trim.

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    There is a version with Trim support and the firmware is - Here.

    The older versions that came with the Vista are not upgradeable though.
    I’m wondering if the SSD that shipped with the Saveonlaptops Adamos with Win7 already had the TRIM firmware?

    ^1Q version but before then no ***

    maybe here has some more info as some got a 22 version…tml

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