dell battery problem

    i've heard it all now. on saturday my vostro 1000 decided to start giving me the "unable to identify the battery type" error message so i contacted dell TS this morning to request a battery replacement. the TS guy in india tried to convince me that windows update had caused the error. when i pointed out that the error was occuring before the hard drive had even spun up and so it couldn't be an O/S issue, he still insisted that he'd "worked for dell for 2 years" and he knew what he was talking about. so i informed him that i've been a computer engineer/consultant for 20+ years and i that DO know what i'm talking about and he relented and ordered the battery.

    the error is a first stage warning of a soon to come battery failure. it can be removed by a BIOS flash (which is what he wanted to do) but thats like putting a sticking plaster on an arterial bleed.

    god i hate "script monkeys"


    How old is the laptop and is the replacement under warranty? Mine has gone from 4+ hours to under an hour on a 6 month old one. Not happy

    my dads dell battery has failed too - it has lasted 2 yeasr though

    it's this one…747

    Anyone know anywhere to get cheap dell batteries from but proper dell ones that don't blow up cuz dell want £120 I found some on ebay for about £60 from a UK source so going for that at the mo.

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    mine's about 9 months old and is in warranty.
    it hasn't been brilliant from the beginning but i think its just the notebook uses a lot of power
    i get about 2 hours out of a 6 cell battery

    I have a 9 cell in mine, but must admit that it's nearly always plugged into the mains. The system is about 6m old now, so should I be expecting problems too ?

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    it does appear to be a common issue with dells. i googled it when mine went and found loads of people with the same problem. the BIOS flash will almost certainly make the message go away but some people claim that a few months after doing this the battery becomes unusable. my philosophy when it happened was that its better to get the battery replaced and take it from there, than to possibly delay the problem until the warranty is out.

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    well the battery arrived first thing this morning (can't fault their courier service) and surprise, surprise the error message dissappeared as soon as it was inserted.
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