Dell Business - How to fill the information?

    I used to buy a computer from Dell as a home user.
    I tried to buy a desktop from dell business.
    I completed the transaction also payment but there was no confirmation email and my money is still in the bank.
    I wonder that Dell might know that I am home user not the business.
    I want to buy it again but I'm not sure that it will go through or not.
    Anyone who is a home user has complete buying it before?
    I need your suggestion.


    yep i bought mine on the business site-no problems-got a confirmaion email right away and progress reports.
    Give them a call? as a business you could just be selling on ebay-i dont think they really care if you are or not as you are still buying their goods?

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    I'm glad to hear that.
    I'll give it a try.
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