Dell collectin laptop for repair. How should I package it? Any experience of this?

    Just after some advice re above. Dell are collecting our laptop for repair next week. However, they have arranged a courier to collect but neglected to say how I should pack or label the laptop. I' m disinclined to go on hold for another1/2hour to check so wondered if anyone any advice?
    Thanks in advance

    I'm posting on my itouch so please forgive Any mistakes!


    Put it back in the box you got it in ?

    i normally bubblewrap and then put in a cardboard box and tape it down well

    Normally if you send back something for repair you are sent a package up front to put it in.

    the courier will arrive with a box to put the laptop in. so just have the laptop on its own ready. he will seal it in front of you and give a receipt

    when dell uplifted repair from me the driver arrived with a plastic crate with foam inserts cut for the laptop/charger etc and then sealed it with cable ties-they have to verify the condition when they collect it from you do they not so need to inspect it-otherwise the driver could be accused of damaging it/cracking screen or whatever.

    this was about 6 months ago but I still think the driver will want to see the goods.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone.

    Make sure you remove your battery before it goes for repair too
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