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Found 5th Jun 2009
We need a new laptop computer and considering a Dell- word processing , email, web etc
Was looking at Inspiron 15 that is currently advertised at £399 is this good value? Has core 2 duo processor and 3 GB memory and 250 hard drive is this enough for most people/normal use? Is there any upgrade should def consider? The model comes with a trulife screen that isnt too reflective is it? If there are any other good deals around would be pleased to hear.
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To be honest any PC or laptop you buy nowadays, even the cheapest / slowest, is fine for most people / normal use.

If the Dell you are looking at has a core 2 duo and 3Gb of memory that is more than adequate.

For deals, just search in HotUKDeals for words like "laptop" or "Dell"

I am not sure I have seen many Dell laptop deals posted recently.

Note is usually cheaper to buy a laptop direct from Dell online than to buy it through Tesco or other retail outlets.
truelife is dell's name for the glossy screen coating so it will be reflective, whether it's too reflective depends on what you feel is too reflective.
If you are gonna buy a dell, then its well worth looking at [URL="dell.co.uk/outlet"]dell.co.uk/outlet[/URL].
These laptops are rerebished, but mine looked brand new.
Must be noted that the prices viewed on the site exclude VAT, so bear that in mind.

When i bought mine bought a year back, i got a £1200 laptop for £550 delivered, so if you find a good deal your in for a winner! There is also £50 off all Inspiron products.

But the deal you spotted looks good.

Hope this helps

Hi there

When and if you go with dell.Select min warranty.
1/2 weeks later they will ring with a better offer.this was on girlfriends laptop.

I got 3 year next day at home etc for £40/45.00
I rang to see what discount or freebe they might give and thats what i got.
Told them wanted a deal they said no lol.
So said i would think it over.
They rang 2/3 days later and gave warranty for much better price.

Thats the 2 ways i found for a bit better deal

Hope this helps.
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