Dell computer.. is this a good deal?

    I'm after new computer as my old one is 6 years old and very slow..
    I've managed to negotiate the following deal with a dell salesman for 1028 pounds.. could I get better elsewhere is it a good deal?

    Dimension E520 Viiv Core 2 Duo Processor E6600 (2.40Ghz,
    Memory Dual Channel 2048MB (2x1024) 533MHz DDR2
    Media Card Reader 13-in-1 Internal
    Hard Drive 250GB Serial ATA II 7200Rpm ULD
    DVD+/-RW (read/write) 16x max and DVD (Reader) 16x (2 drives)
    FP/BL - UK/Irish Wide Flat Panel 2407WFP 24" (TCO99) Ultrasharp (DVI-D) Black Height Adjustable ARB Only
    Video card ATI Radeon X1300 Pro 256MB DVI/VGA output with 1xS-Video Output
    Mouse Dell Optical (not wireless) USB (2 buttons scroll) Black
    English Windows Vista Home Premium
    Svc Basic 4Y At Home Service incl.

    will appreciate any advice thanks :thumbsup:


    What are you using it for?

    Done a little research. Seems a pretty good price (especially with the monitor which is £566.64 on its own!). My only concern would be the graphics card if you wanted to play serious games.


    Original Poster

    I'm going to use it for general computing and also I want to use it for chess analysis...(deep fritz)... I'm not bothered about 3d computer games.
    sorry should have mentioned all that in my original post


    for that amount of money i would expect a far better video card

    I expect the monitor bumps the price significantly..the graphics card is very basic so if you want to play the latest games you'll need an upgrade..I'd ask Dell to throw in a Gforce 7900 GS as part of the deal...I'd also push them for 667 ram rather than 533.

    I'm sure MikeT the resident Dell expert can offer you better advice of VFM

    Did you ask for the £80 business discount that is on offer?..details of the code are on HUKD somewhere.

    i would say thats a pretty good deal, as @alutke says abovve, that monitor is over £500 on its own! You wont need a better video card anyway if you're not gonna be churning the latest games through it

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    I'm not too concerned about a graphics card as long as it runs vista ok,
    no i didn't use a business discount, its for home use.
    I managed to get the my monitor upgraded from a 20 inch analogue to the 24 inch digital for only 180 extra though

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    thanks for the research alex, I really fancy the monitor as it gives lots of screen room for multitasking..also maybe I could watch hd films on it one day..

    currychops I'll ask for the faster ram and graphics card..cheers.
    I'll give it a try

    paceCETTA yeah I don't need a brilliant graphics card, I suppose I could always upgrade is later if I wanted too

    keep the advice coming its really appreciated

    have you costed this on the Dell website? you are proabbly aware there is 4.5% quidco and quidco are giving an extra £25 cashback until 23 worth checking ...although somehow I think the best deal may be the one you have been offered...but I'd certainly check.

    yes adopt the policy of "if you don't ask you don't get" and make it sound like "you'll only get the order if you include xxx"

    best of luck.

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    yeah, I did compare it to the retail prices on the dell site, and it does seem better value...
    Anyway I ordered it yesterday, I wasn't able to get anything more from the deal though... I'm feeling quite nervous as its a lot of money.:-(
    Hope i've got a good deal? advice would be appreciated:thumbsup: as I could always cancel order or refuse deliver.

    For my two pence worth, I think it's a bit OTT for just general computing, do you need a 24" screen?? If you went for a regular 17" or 19" you'd probably save yourself around £400!

    Call em once you have it asking to return.. they usually offer around 8%-12% just for you to keep it as it'll cost em more than that to resell on dell outlet.

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    For my two pence worth, I think it's a bit OTT for just general … For my two pence worth, I think it's a bit OTT for just general computing, do you need a 24" screen?? If you went for a regular 17" or 19" you'd probably save yourself around £400!

    Yeah I guess it might be OTT, its just I find my 17inch monitor a little cramped when having several windows open at once.. but then again the 24" is a lot more money.

    Anymore advice from anyone would be really welcome :thumbsup:


    Well I would have to say that "you dun well my boy" ;-)

    That little lot would have cost over £1400 spec'd up from an ecode. I'm sure you will be very pleased with it, as you say you dont need an all singing graphics card, so no point in pushing for one. One think I would maybe have tried for would have been Vista Ultimate. OK like the graphics card you may not need it now but the card will be easier to change than the operating system should you feel the urge in future.
    I would be pleased to have that on my desk:thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the reply MikeT, you've put my mind at rest...I'm not used to spending such money so I was a bit nervous about it. Glad you think it is a good deal..I like to haggle!
    However it is only a 520e rather than a 9200 so I don't think its as expandable and maybe the chipset isn't as good? Also It has a smaller powersupply..would my computer be ok to upgrade the graphics card in future?


    As long as you dont go overboard, check the power requirements carefully on any card your thinking of upgrading to is all I can suggest.
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