Dell confusion (the difference between there laptop brands)

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Found 8th Apr 2008
Sorry for being a little dunce but can some kind soul explain the difference between there laptop brands e.g vostro, xps, Inspirion etc...

I want to buy a new laptop for home as a replacement for my desktop machine and I want something that can handle new games and watch DVD's on.

Any help would be very appreciated.


for games on a laptop I'd suggest an XPS or Vostro. I got a Vostro 1700 with a 256MB 8600GT and it's rather good for games, had World in Conflict running at 50 FPS on Medium, which I thought was rather good for a laptop costing £360

The XPS range are the top of the range gamers/multimedia users choice usually with the best specs.

The Vostro range is mid range with nice looking cases but lower spec than the XPS models.

The inspiron is the general purpose average spec system usually featuring on mainboard components.

The Optiplex and Precision range is primarily or businesses, Optiplex being basic business machines, Precision systems being higher end business machines.

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Nice one thanks for the replies, that makes things easier.

Better go find myself a good deal on a XPS then.
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