DELL Customer service.. ARGH!

    Yesterday I ordered a power adapter as my old one just stopped working on my XPS. After ordering I decided to mess with the old one to see if I could fix it..

    **Poof** Fixed

    Had to cancel my order..

    I decided to try using Dell online chat with some chaps from India. 30 minutes later and no luck, they took all my details and then disconnected.

    2nd attempt then.. This time I am advised that I must call a number to cancel, they then disconnected before I could say anything else.

    *Ring ring*
    ME: "Hi, I just need to cancel my order for a laptop adapter"
    Indian Advisor: "OK Well rora kora poka hoka"
    *Dead Line*

    He was saying something but I don't think it was in English!

    I decided to call back and this time I was told I had to be transferred to another department for a cancellation.

    I was transferred to around 15-20 different people in India as nobody knew where to transfer or what they have to do in their job and around 8 of those refused to listen to a word I was saying then passed me on to the next bully.

    20 minutes later I finally reached a nice Indian girl who cancelled the order for me. God I wanted to marry her..

    Can't believe how much of a mood a company can set you in..
    Has anyone else had such an experience?




    What? Wanting to marry a nice Indian girl?

    Dell customer service is definitely hit and miss. Sometimes you get someone really helpful other times you get a complete idiot who just winds you up

    I did have a very long series of calls when a power adapter failed resulting in smoke coming out of the machine...after numerous diverts I ended up at someone to deal with the issue but then had to read out a 35 digit alphanumeric code to identify the PSU which took a while. I then had to keep explaining there was no way I was connecting that power supply back into the mains!

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