Dell D620 Laptop

    I have a Dell D620 that i'm thinking of selling but have no idea as to what its worth.


    Processor: Intel Core 2 Centrino T7600 @ 2.33GHz
    Memory: 2GB DDR RAM
    Hard Disk: 80GB
    Display: 14.1" XGA TFT LCD (Max Resolution: 1440 x 900)
    Video: 32MB Mobile Intel 945GM
    DVD +/- RW
    56K Modem
    10/100 Network
    Wireless LAN
    Sound Card

    Mint condition and has a laptop rucksack with it.

    I just dont use it really so looking to sell. What would you think a fair price would be?


    Worth about a fiver - but because its you I'll give you a tenner.;-)

    Probably circa £200-£220.

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    Is that all!!!!! I would have thought it was worth a bit more than that. You're probably right, i'll probably put it on ebay, see what I get.

    Around £250 - 300 this is the 2.3 Ghz Core 2 Centrino - there's a buy it now for this machine on eBay at the moment for £400

    i have one of these laptops at the moment, brilliant and battery life is great, although mine seems to have an issue with the wireless. it just breaks down randomly, really annoying!

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    I was hoping around the £400 mark myself. It has the extended battery as well, so its a good 3hours+ without charge. Truly is a superb laptop

    mines on 3 hours with standard battery

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    I have put the item onto ebay but some guy has just called me offering a figure to sell it.

    # Operating System: Windows XP SP2 licenced to laptop
    # Intel Centrino Duo Processor 1.66 GHZ T2300
    # 1.99 GB RAM
    # 93.1 GB Hard Drive
    # Wi Fi
    # Bluetooth
    # 14" Widescreen 1280x800
    # DVD Re-Writer Drive
    Ports: Docking connector- 4 x USB 2.0- 1 x Serial- 1 x VGA- 1 x RJ-11- 1 x RJ-45- 1 x IEEE1394 1 x PCMCIA
    # Infra Red
    # Extended Battery
    # Slim Travel Pack
    # Floppy Disk Drive
    #Rucksack Holdal

    Thats the whole spec.

    He asked how much would I sell it for but i'm truly not sure.

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    Tell him £400, chance your luck because thats what you want right

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    I'd like £400 yes, do you think it could go for that much on ebay? i forgot to mention it still has 500+ days pf warranty.

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    Anyone else got their view on the value of this? I've had a few people make offers now but i'm not sure.

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    It sold for £300 in the end on ebay so kinda pleased with that in the end
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