Dell delviery in dundee


    I have been left high and dry - dell delivery in dundee due 12/11 but never been carded ot contacted. I just want to go to depot and pick it up myself. Walsh Westen (now syncrion) give me a number for dundee but "dont know the address" of the local depot!!!! How does that work???

    Anyway, has anyone ever been in this situation with dell?

    Does anyone know where the local depot to Dundee is (they gave me a perth number)?

    How much can I get from dell in order for them to stop me cancelling the order?

    Cheers guys



    sorta strugglin to see/understand the problem. Dell attempted delivery to the address you specified on the date specified and you weren't in? Well surely its just a case of ring dell and arrange a re-delivery? If you want to collect from the courier im sure if you ask who they use and then contact the courier direct that could be arranged? Bfm

    what courier do they use? There's DHL and parcelforce depots in perth so it's maybe one of them...

    Is it the F4tal1ty Headset? My one was supposed to be delivered on the 12th as well and I'm in Dunfermline. Maybe the just don't like Scotland or places beginning with "Dun"?

    I've had it a few times. Best trick seems just be to call the customer care department, and they should speak to the couriers for you and arrange things as needs be.
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