dell desktop plagued with bugs

    hi all

    i have a dell desktop optiplex which is several years old - but it does the job or rather it did do!

    uo until midweek it was all fine. then all of a sudden the antivirus picked up a shedload of malware and went on an auto blocking crusade. now i hav a pc pinging every 2 mins notifying me of malware

    what i would do normally as i would with my other desktop is a straightforward format, a clean sweep start again from scratch

    problem is though i dont have the original restore dell cd''s as they werent supplied with the machine many years ago - if i format i may never get it up and running again - but currently with all the malware pinging away

    what can i do? help?



    My dell had the operating system recovery stored on a partition on the hard drive. If you press ctrl F11 during boot up you might see a recovery section there. Thats if you have never reformatted it.

    Edit: just tried it on mine (all be it a different machine) and it worked. It's also a few years old so maybe it's the same process? Just keep pressing CTRL+F11 during the start up. Don't just press and hold ctrl while pressing f11. Press them in sync obviously.

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    Download malware bytes reboot into safe mode run full scan with malware bytes and your av

    Do a system restore to a point before you got the virus, then install Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essential and Spybot.

    Original Poster

    many thanks for the replies - i shall try this out and feedback asap (fingers crossed it works)

    I've just had a Dell optiplex [745] in for repair for the same problem . Riddled with the ramnit C malware . Could not be removed unless formatting the hard drive .I downloaded most of the drivers from the Dell website , theres actually 86 of them on the site , but you just download the relevant ones to your PC.Although I had the original Dell xp disk [SP2] and the COA sticker on the case when installing it did'nt ask for a key . Anyway , it's now good as new and running great and ready to be delivered to the customer this afternoon .
    Visit the Dell site and get the drivers and stick them all on a CD or DVD for when you need them .
    Sometime's the only way to get your PC back to the way it was is to format and re-install your OS and put your software back on .


    Just download a new copy of the operating system and install that.
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