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Found 16th Apr 2007
Hi, I've recently been checking out the great Dell deals some of you guys have posted. But now as I am ready to buy a one a can't seem to find any new deals apart from the expired one with the 22" screen. That is a really good spec comp but can anybody that knows what there doing help me build one from dell. I am looking for intel core2due, 180-250gGIG not really bothered as I could buy a external HD, 1-2GIG ram, vista premuim, 17"or bigger TFT for £450max.

Any help will be great as I am currently using a machine thats 7yrs old had as died on me long ago :giggle:

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Take a look at

This is dells entry level core 2 duo - it isn't brilliant but it fits your spec with c2d 18ghz (though only 800 mhz fsb)
a gig of RAM (upgrade yourself for alot less than with dell)
250 gig hdd
20" monitor (22" for £29 extra)

I would STRONGLY suggest waiting till Thursday for the next round of deals as this isnt as good as what we have seen in the past but at current best you'll get is
Components[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 1)"]Intel®Viiv™technology-Intel®Core™2Duo E4300 processor(1.80GHz,800MHz,2MB cache)[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 11)"]Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium - English[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 30)"]Collect & Return, 1 Year Service only[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 5)"]Dell™ 20" Black Wide Flat Panel (E207WFP) - UK/Irish[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 3)"]1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz [2x512] Memory[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, "]250GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst™ cache[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 6)"]256MB nVidia® GeForce® 7300 Turbocache graphics card[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 16)"]16X DVD+/-RW Drive[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 4)"]Dell™ Entry Quietkey USB Keyboard - UK/Irish (QWERTY)[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(1, 12)"]Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Optical Mouse - Black[/URL]

Accessories[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 17)"]Integrated Audio with Dolby Digital 7.1 capability[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 18)"]No Speakers[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 10)"]Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 14)"]No Modem[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 40)"]No Security/Anti-Virus Protection - English[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 25)"]Microsoft® Works 8.0 - English[/URL]

[URL="javascript:to_page_mod(2, 87)"]No digital photo sharing or editing software selected.[/URL]

Also Includes
List D04E06a Dimension E520
E520 English Documentation with UK Power Cord
DHS Inspiron / Dimension Flyer
Dimension Order - UK
Collect & Return, 1 Year Service only
Dell Internet Order.
Dimension Resource DVD for Vista (Diagnostics & Drivers)

£468.98 Includes VAT & ] [COLOR=#0033ff] Shipping [/COLOR]][COLOR=#0033ff] [/COLOR]
or as often advised on here..make an order for the above on Wednesday and if a better deal comes up on Thursday then simply cancel the order...don't forget 5% quidco cashback
Ok thanks for the info...

So should I wait till thursday then. What time because I've seen these put up and expired shortly afterwards.

Really needing a new computer with good specs so hopefully the one of last weeks appears back or better.... here's hoping :thumbsup:
They can appear anytime - midnight to 11am, and often changed during day (mostly for the worse!).
I'd checked first thing in the morning.
Dell usually change the pricing just after 6am on Thursday and I hope to have something posted by 7am.
Thanks MikeT ;-) will try get up earliar than usual on thursday. How long does Dell usually take to ship. Think I'll get it early next week?
5 working days to get to you usually.
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