Dell digital TV question.

    My mate has just got an Avecmedia usb2.0 difital tv thing for free.

    I think it is model number sat1030 or something, it is the one with the silver external box with a small ariel and a usb connection. Oh and a remote.

    Can someone point it out on the Dell site as I can't seem to find their digital tv accessories.

    I want to buy it off him but will not pay more than £20 as he got it for nowt. These go for just over £30 on eBay but I would like to see the Dell price also.

    Gutted in a way because the lad who gave him it could have give it to me but he never thought. Damn him!!

    No it's not knocked off, my other mate got a Dell media PC through work (he knows naff all about pc's and only plays football manager and listens to music on it!!!), so he decided to give this away as he had no use for it!!!!

    Anyway can someone find it for me on the Dell website.



    Is the dell one that great?
    Is it on ebay?

    I just ordered this on my last ebuyer order:…191

    From all the reviews I've read it's the software which is hard to get right not the hardware, and Leadtek does great software apprantely.

    Original Poster…w=1

    This one.

    The reason I want this one if ti's any good is I can pay him when our lass gets paid in two weeks.

    Well if you get the chance to use it before paying up, all the better.

    One thing was common throughout all the usb digital tv dongles I read though.
    Any included or lack of aerial pretty much = no signal.

    You either need a high dB indoor aerial to get anything or it needs direct attachment to a roof aerial, it might work with the inclusive aerial, but you'll be one of the very few lucky ones.

    That avermedia one looks ok, bit large maybe, don't take that hdtv setting to heart, unless you live in central london you won't be able to test that and a finaly DVB-T HD standard will probably require a firmware/software upgrade on any device designed for it.

    IMO if you get it, are happy, offer a tenner but don't go past £15

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    Ok mate, they really are not that big, I opened the box and it is smaller than a pack of fags and looks quite neat to be honest.

    I don;t think he would do it for lower than £20, I will offer him £20 and if he says no then so be it, will get that one off Ebuyer you pointed out.

    I think he is wanting to sell it to his thicko boss who buys all sorts of gadgets at silly prices. He paid over £50 for a wintv card at PCWorld not long ago, and that did not include a remote or anyhting, so I think he may be looking to sell this to him for £50 or even more.


    £23 = 12months warranty to get replacement/repair, brand new great package from Leadtek
    £20 for that aver media = 2nd hand item with no warranty option, possibly missing items, from not a top of the range brand.

    No contest, only worth it at £15 or less.

    Original Poster

    Ok mate, cheers, will go for the Leadtek in a couple of weeks then.

    Original Poster

    Schizo, I am getting this one for nowt off my mate. What a guy. So I will give it a go.

    Had a look for a review and found one over at Hexus. They say it's quite good apart from their remote control had a couple of unresponsive buttons (they hod tp press them hard) which could have been a one off thing, and also they thought the interface was a little old and dated but AverMedia replied to them and said they were working on this in future firmware updates.

    This was quite a while ago so I would imagine their firmware has been updated more than once since then, this could well be a decent little thing.

    Apparently is uses a Panasonic tuner and they quite like the image quality.

    It is actually selling for around the £50 mark from retailers so for free this is a God send mate.

    If it's no good I could always sell it on and get enough to get the Leadtek one.
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