dell dimension 1100 + acer 19" tft - whats it worth?

    hi all,

    dell dimension 1100 (2.53Ghz), 2gb PC 3200 RAM, 80GB, card reader, DVD reader, plus 19" acer tft, plus cambridge soundworks speakers and sub.

    how much is that worth?




    ill give u a fiver....

    the screen 50 i guess, and maybe 100 for the pc. being realistic. maybe less depending on age/condition.

    quite low spec. its hard to sell second hand pc's

    In what context? In a general sense, I reckon...

    For the PC, about £60.
    The Acer TFT - depends what model, resolution, inputs - if it's basic, maybe £20.
    If the Cambridge stuff is normal PC speakers and sub, maybe £5.

    Together, as a collection, you'd probably do a bit better, but I think £100 for the lot is top end.

    Second hand pc's have no value because manufacturers have lured the consumer into thinking they need a new one every 12 months.

    For most of us the stuff we are doing on our PC's is pretty much the same as the stuff we were doing 3 or 4 years ago: sending emails, surfing, downloading a bit of music, editing some photos etc. So why do we need new hardware? Because of the marketing hype generated by hardware and software suppliers for higher performance machines convinces us to upgrade when we don't need to.
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