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Found 23rd Jun 2005
Has anybody got any codes for the Dell Dimension 3000 range ? I looking for some P4 3.0Ghz machines for around £400.

It's about time Dell had some new offers....
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Unfortunately, they haven't issued any discount codes for a while.
Just posted a bunch of 3000 deals in the Hot Deals forum.
You can check for deals on dell.co.uk without knowing the codes. I have discovered a pattern with the promo codes. I will try to explain:

Example Code D07305A

1. The "D" is the model type i.e. 'Dimension'

2. The "07" is the month the promo ends i.e. 31st July
NOTE: enter current month or following month.

3. The "30" is the first two digits from the model range i.e. "Dimension 3000" equates to "30".

4. The "5" is a bit tricky and i've not cracked it completely yet, but, it seems to revolve around the CD/DVD drive you want, the CRT/TFT and screen size. I think the code may also change every month with the technology becoming cheaper and more available. Basically try "2", "5", "6" & "7". These are the more popular codes.

5. Now the best bit. "a" or "b" or "c" or "d" may be added to reveal a hidden discount. You can try this by going to a dell desktop dimension 3000 product and when you customize the package they display the 'D--30--' code. Now note down the code and enter it into the right hand box of the e-value code section and add "a" to the end. The left hand box appears to be just for dell to track the marketing material it was advertised in. So, just enter "PPUK5" or "305" or "*". Anything seems to work. Now, if the "a" works, then replace "a" with a "b", if that works, just keep adding letters. Beware, the higher the letter does not always mean the better the deal. Check your packages and dont forget to remove the extended warranties if you wish to save the pennies. The warranties are very good value for money, so the choice is yours.

If Dell haven't set the code up, it will not work, but this does allow you to pick the model you want with discounted hardware.

Enter this example (this code is from the default link if you select a Dimension 3000 package from the Dell Website):
305-D07306 check out the package
Now Enter
305-D07306a and see how different and better value it is.
This example also shows how difficult the last digit is to crack. Anyway Good Luck.

another example: Try D07302a if a 17" TFT with 3GB CEL, 256MB Ram, 80G HD and the usual only £350 all inc.

Have a go...is quite good fun for bargain hunters.
Been doing this a while, but not all of them come up as bargains. It does depend on whether they have added offers, like money off + free delivery. It's still nice to have a discount code sometimes lol.
Good post buzzer! I've figured out the pattern to most of the codes but haven't figured out that last digit. As you note it seems to be fairly random. The numbers are touch and go too, as you say it's definitely worth putting them in to see what comes up!
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