Dell dimension 4600

    the motherboard has broken on my dell dimension 4600 and i was wondering if anyone knows what other dell computers use the same motherboard so i could use the hard drives,dvd-rw,memory,etc on
    i think the dimension 2400 has the same motherboard but not sure if it can handle 4gb of ram
    Or any other computer i can use the memory on(pc3200 ,184 pin,non ecc,unbuffered)


    Phone Dell's tech support line, give them your service tag, and see what they say. The info's all available to them in the Parts BOM'er, and it'll take about three minutes to locate it all.

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    can't use the computer for them to get the info from as the motherboard has had it(i am using my wife's laptop in case you are wondering)

    The service tag should be on a sticker on the back or side of the machine

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    Used the email support on the dell website to see what they say as the telephone service is closed at the weekend
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