DELL dimension 5150 graphics card upgrade

    If anyone out there bought the recent Dell Dimension E520 offer (posted by Mike T a few months ago), and upgraded the graphics card - could they tell me how they did it?:?

    The system has an integrated graphics card, and no matter what I've tried I can't seem to get the system to (a) disable the integrated one and (b) recognise the new one.:x

    If anyone did it, I'd really appreciate a few pointers. Trying to put in a Sapphire X1550 PCIE.

    Cheers all - back tomorrow (exhausted now from trying! :roll: )


    Original Poster

    Hi - there must be somebody out there who upgraded their graphics card????? :-(

    Original Poster

    apologies to all - it's actually an E520 - the stress is getting to me!!!!
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