Dell Dimension Desk Top - Extra Reductions?

Found 30th Oct 2006
Hi. I'm looking to buy a Dell Dimension Desktop. The one I've got my eyes on is a 3100c at £349 inclusive. I've got a £350 budget max. I tried to use the vouchers listed to get an extra discount but none of them worked. Has anyone got any special offer codes to save me more money please or maybe a special offer code that can be used on a higher end machine to bring it down to my budget? I know I can use quidco for 4.5% but I'm looking for more!!!! :pirate:
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No replies as yet? Come on all you moneysavers, please don't let me down!
I think your looking for too much Foxy, the only way you are going to get it cheaper is maybe try the dell outlet. Follow the link from Dells main page to get there.
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