Dell E520 case vibration

    Hi, I (as many others did) brought a dell E520 system, I was just wondering if any of you guys have experienced a vibration issue with the case, its really starting to annoy me, usually a slap on the top fixes it but it comes back within the hour, its so annoying!!, i really don't want to replace the case as I can't honestly be bothered and also the system is nice and quite when this issue doesnt crop up.

    IF anyone has found a work around please post it!


    Eeek, don't bang the case - you'll knacker the harddisk.

    I can't speak with any authority for the E520 system as I've never seen one, but there was an issue with one of the Dell Optiplex systems a while ago where some would vibrate. Unfortunately, I only ever had one guy phone up about it (although he did have three systems), but we did seem to find that it was the hard drive that was causing it, so I had some new drives sent out. As far as I know, it solved the issue, or at least he didn't phone back to say it hadn't.

    Anyway, if it's vibrating, it's going to be caused by one of the system's mechanical parts, either the HDD, the optical drive, or one of the fans. The way to troubleshoot which one it is to -

    1) Unplug the optical drive and run the system for a few hours. If the problem goes away, you'll know it's that

    2) Ditto but for the Hard disk. The system won't be terribly useful in this state (unless you feel adventurous, and fancy running a USB Key or Live CD version of Linux. It still won't make the PC much use, since Linux is rubbish, but you'll be able to go online and stuff), but it'll rule out the drive

    3) Unplug the fans, and again run for a few hours, or at least until the issue normally occurs. I make this the last thing to try because unplugging fans can cause overheating and potential damage, although if you can leave the side off the case and blow a desk fan into the chassis, that'd substitute nicely.

    If you're still getting vibrations with no HDD, optical, or fans whirring away, the last remaining bit of mechanical hardware (unless I've missed something, which I might have, so be on the look out) is the Power Supply, or the PSU. You'll not have much luck running the system if you unplug that, but try taking it out, putting it back in, and blowing compressed air into the fan to give it a clean. If it's still vibrating, if the system's still under warranty ( will tell you this), phone Dell, if it's not, take it to your local PC parts shop and ask them for a PSU that'll fit your system. Shouldn't cost more than £20 (if they ask any more, indicate towards your genitals and proclaim with your best Cartman voice that they can suck your balls). You can fit it yourself in about ten minutes, and the system should be a good deal less vibratory after that.

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    Thanks, tried all of that except the fan and still no luck, cant disable the fan as its the main fan that cools the CPU, really dont want to risk the core 2 duo processor, i think it is the fan and shroud setup which is making the case vibrate, cant believe no one elses does this too.

    Ah, right. Is the system still under warranty, then? You'll be able to get a new heatsink and fan if you phone Dell up and tell them what I've gotten you to try here.

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    Really did not want to deal with dell support, they run thru a standard script no matter what problem you have.

    I'll just open it up and see if I can do something, I probably can fix it but guess I was trying to avoid it and look for a simple fix, thanks for your help though, I Appreciate it :), rep added
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