Dell E520 Molex adaptor/Splitter

Found 15th May 2007

I recently bought a Dell E520 and wanted to upgrade my graphics card so I purchased a x1950 card, to my horror the Dell features no molex connections and has 2 spare satas. Is it possible to find an adapter that will turn an sata into a molex? or a splitter that I could use with the Dvd drive connection? as this is sata also. Thanks guys
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I've never seen a converter to go back from SATA power to molex I'm afraid. Are you any good with a soldering iron? You could get a SATA power extension lead and cut it then wire it to a molex (or you could cut one of the spare SATA sockets directly of the PSU and replace with molex but this would of course invalidate any warranty).
One bloke said he used a y splitter cable that goes into the p10 connector on mobo and gives you 2 molexes.Don`t know if the standard dell psu is up to it tho you can only try.
Loads of posts on it on dell community forums have a look with keywords `e520 psu` and `e520 x1950`
Good luck let us know how you get on
Hi caulcano, just let let you know that links to items on ebay are not allowed on the forums and thats why your post has been removed
Ah, that's why....thx.

Anyway, a 'PCI Express 4 Pin Molex to 6 Pin PCI-E Power Cable Adaptor' might help you get your card the power it needs.

And a '2 way Molex Power Splitter' will enable you split one of the Molex Power, from say your DVD drive, into 2/3 seperate ones (depending on which one you buy).

The above Maplins link helps.
I think the problem unless I'm mistaken is Dell have made away with all standard power molexes as the drives now just use SATA power connectors? If so a normal molex splitter won't do..
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