dell fiancal services / agreement on bnpl 12 month for laptop ends 10/2009

    bought a laptop from dell last oct and due to pay it all one lump sum next month and not pay intrest

    does any one know if dell take solo or maestro

    and any one know if the bank can right a cheque

    would do a wire transfer but not sure how to do it with rbs and whre to enter mu agreement number so dell knows its me and bit cautious as its £1000 i would have to send and scared it got lost


    Why not send a personal cheque, it's just as good ? Make sure you do it plenty of time before the no interest period ends.
    Otherwise you can get a bank draft from your bank though they may charge a few quid.

    Original Poster

    me and my partner dont have a cheque account thats the thing

    Ring Dell and ask them...simples
    Oh and forgot to say..your bank should be able to wright a check yes...I've had one before for a large amount.. it was refered to as a bankers draft.
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