Dell *free* windows 7! or maybe not....another dell scam!

    So... Eligible for a FREE windows 7 upgrade via dell??
    Sounds great! Oh they forgot to mention the £15 per copy "handling fee"!
    Cheap but not FREE, another dell OVERPRICED shipping and handling fee to make profit form you.
    Why should we pay £15 for our FREE upgrade? why cant we have the product key emailed or posted and just download win7??
    i wouldnt mind but for businesses 25 x £15 is £375 which is ALOT of shipping charge for 25 small boxes of *free* windows 7 upgrades.
    Bunch of robbing............(fill in the blanks).


    They are actually one of the cheaper places to get the upgrade from. HP and others are charging more.

    Just read on another thread that Acer charged £12.50... So seems its not really free free.. but still cheap

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    not when your ordering 25 machines thinking these will be windows 7 machines once you get your *free* upgrade.
    This system was brought out to keep people buying machines during the recession knowing that even tho the new OS was coming out it would still be a windows 7 machine.
    Why should i be charged for this? i might as well have waited for the systems to have win7 pre-installed.
    i can understand £15 shipping per order, not per copy!

    I agree, it's cheaper than some places, and much cheaper than buying a new copy of W7...

    BUT..! It was advertised as a free upgrade, with small print referring to P&P charges being possible.

    Rip off IMO

    Given the number of copies you're eligible for I would be inclined to contact customer services and negotiate.
    Did you buy multiple machines on a single order?

    We're due a copy for the machine we bought last month, I agree £15 is too steep.
    I hope they haven't priced it this way to deter people from claiming their copies, I presume they were subsidised by Microsoft so it's not particularly fair.

    Think yourself lucky - Toshiba are charging £27.

    Had an email from them this week to say the programming for the drivers disc they'll also send isn't finished yet so I have to wait till 16th December.

    Only plus side is it will be a full version with licence key.

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    well, we have 25+ machines ordered since july, so we are allowed 25 upgrades.
    We tend to order them in groups of 5 - 10 machines.
    We have expressed our upset to our dell sales guy, fingers crossed eh.
    If we do not see a good outcome, they can say goodbye to the £***,*** we spend with them each year and we'll goto HP for our machines

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    If you change the shipping address to USA its free shipping and handling!!!!!
    I have a feeling dell fully know this and are taking into account that the UK dont complain enough!!!
    Get complaining!!!!

    I would be more worried about someone in charge of ordering 25+ machines and not being aware of the standard Dell protocol.

    Its not easy to get the staff these days!

    Be grateful you didn't purchase HP computers as their FREE :? Windows 7 upgrade costs £21.99 for UK residents!!

    No cost is specified in the documentation I received only that;

    Shipping and handling costs and other fees may apply and may vary by … Shipping and handling costs and other fees may apply and may vary by country or region.

    Certainly the UK charge of £21.99 seems out of proportion to the cost of mailing a disk!!

    This upgrade scheme incentive was intended more for the manfacturers/retailers benefit so that they weren't hit by consumers postponing purchases. It was not suppose to be a means of scamming customers at a later date!! :x
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