Found 26th Dec 2007
i have a 2yr old laptop for sale and have no idea of its worth. i was hoping someone would be able to advise.

specs are as follows

intel cerelon m 1.3mhz
30gb hd
14" screen
xp pro
no internal wireless card but comes with netgear wireless adapter.

any advice much appreciated.



I'll give ya £25.00 for it

Original Poster

a friend of mine has offered £150 but i don't know if this i good or bad, from memory i think i paid £350-400 2 yrs ago.

I'd say that was a very good offer. Take his money before he changes his mind

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ok, thank you, how much would you say its really worth incase he haggles me down??

50 quid

worth around 100ish

I would also say about £100, you may well have paid £400 for it 2 years ago but prices have dropped a hell of a lot since then, for £300ish you can get a good day to day laptop with a good spec, if your friend will give you £150 for it take it but make sure you pay for the next few rounds when you are out!

I really wouldn't pay any more than £75 for it so I think your friend is being very generous!

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thanks guys, much appreciated.


Yeah £100 is a good price maybe a bit less. And if XP Pro is legit then id say its a reasonable price.

So if you can get £150 go for it.
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