dell inspiron 15 7548 hdd upgrade to ssd

Found 20th Mar 2015
anyone have any advice on replacing the HDD with a ssd into a dell inspiron 15 7548? googled it and got contradicting info.

waiting to receive the laptop but just thinking ahead.

any help greatly appreciated.

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Get an external usb drive, put the ssd in it, & use clone software like easus todo free, & fit to laptop

Clonezilla, Paragon, google for more

When happy, put the original drive in the usb, & use it for backups
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OK - think I get the idea. the cloning application will mirror what the HDD has on it. then slap the ssd into the laptop. also smart idea of keeping the HDD for backups! thanks for taking the time to respond! much appreciated.
Also, use the backup hard drive to keep an "image" & create new images every now & again. So, if for what ever reason the ssd/windows has a problem, you can restore very quickly
another good idea! thanks!
I'm taking it that the thing I need for the ssd is an external drive 'enclosure'
Yes, usb 3, not vital, just check the thickness of the hard drive, ssd's & internal 2.5" come in different thicknesses, check with HP & the ssd
I did it with some free software but I used a special lead bought off EBay.. SSD connect one end original drive on other.. The software even allowed me to "shrink" the drive data from 300 to 250gb - Amazing results..
I bought a sleeve for the old drive for a fiver but it soon broke..
You can get docking stations with clone software
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