Dell Inspiron 1525 help required as must order by 30 January

    In spite of the good Vostro deals, my daughter wants something lighter and it must be a reasonably stylish laptop. We are buying it as a present for her and she doesnt have any technical knowledge to input.

    I sent a pm yesterday to several people who have said they have bought/buying but no responses yet so this is a general posting for help:

    I have been looking at the deal for £429 - the £369 lappy would doubtless do for my daughter's needs but you get so much more for your money for £429…dhs

    1 Do the Inspirons 1525 look quite stylish?

    2 The basic unamended £429 deal seems fine but I would like to know roughly how much time a 4 cell battery gives, how much time a 6 cell gives and how much extra weight the extra two cells would add? The 6 cell wouldnt stick out of the back of the machine would it?

    3 I added two years support and 6 cell battery to get to £500 plus and then applied the current 10% discount code which gave me an end price of £459 and then went back to basic battery and added on 3 years support instead. This came to £465 which really is my max. So have to decide whether one of these options is well worthwhile for roughly an extra £30 or stick to basic £429. I just have no idea how often Dell laptops break down!

    4 the laptop has a webcam. I don't understand how it works - is it built in or just something you attach when you want it? I don't want it to be a disadvantage in any way as it isnt something we would have bothered with but its in the deal .

    Sorry so many questions - anything that will help this nervous purchaser make up her mind will be gratefully received! I did try 'online chatting with Dell' but each time there was no-one available.

    6 Comments…dhs

    would go for the £ 429 as its dual core and will be quicker, upgrade to 2 years warranty and upgrade to 6 cell battery ( would recommend 9 cell if its going to be used a lot away from a socket) but with the 6 cell it gives a price of £504 less the 10% should be £454.

    its just my opininon hope it helps

    Well I wouldnt bother with the extra warrenty just never worth the cash in my opinion. If I were you I would upgrade the processor add the 6 cell battery and upgrade the wireless card to take it over £500 this would be reduced to £466.25

    the reason i said about the extra warranty is that moneylover + her daughter appear to be quite new to using a laptop, thus giving them extra piece of mind.

    if i was buying it for myself i would ditch the extra warranty to one year , upgrade to 9 cell , lob in the 928 printer for £505- 10% =£455 then sell the printer on ebay as its got 40%off at the moment should recoup most of the cost, making the system about £410-£425

    the webcam is inbuilt above the top of the screen area it lets people see you if you let them , looks like a square on the picture

    battery life is a quandry as it depends on many variables, processor speed, brightness the amount of use of cd, dvd drives etc, applications running etc

    after owning a dell i always recommend going for the largest battery that you can afford ( saves buying another battery)

    the extra you pay for the warranty isn't that bad if you consider how much you pay per day over the next 3 years.
    keep in mind if you get the 9-cell battery it will stick out of the back of the laptop, and it wouldn't look as stylish then;-). For a compromise moneylover should probably go for the 6-cell in terms of weight and portability.

    p.s. just noticed the 1525 has a hdmi out :w00t: nice! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone this is really useful I have read all the replies with delight. I think I should go for the 6 cell battery and I will go for a two year warranty for a little bit of extra peace of mind

    Just some clarification does the webcam look okay?? Just a bit puzzled as someone said its above the screen and someone else that its in the lid?
    "the webcam is inbuilt above the top of the screen area it lets people see you if you let them , looks like a square on the picture"
    "The webcam is built-in to the lid, ready to use - one less item to carry around separately."

    Thanks again I am so pleased with all the replies. Will wait and see if someone can clarify webcam and order this evening. My daughter should be pleased with the effort that has gone into getting her a nice laptop. I think that its all a very good deal really.

    Original Poster

    Oh, I have managed to answer my own question about webcam now by looking at picture more closely so no need for further help
    Thanks again to everyone
    By the way I found the time that Dell say Inspiron 1525 would have with the 4 cell battery - 1hr 30 mins and 6 cell 2hrs 15
    So willgo with bigger battery
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