Dell Inspiron 5570 problem

Found 17th Feb 2018
I bought the wife a Dell Inspiron 5570 laptop for Christmas. It is for her to work on and so, she didn't even switch it on until the second week of January when she returned to work.
Two nights ago, she said it wouldn't power on, so I put it on charge overnight and tried the power but it was not switching on. The LED is on the charging cable so it seems as though that is fine. Then randomly it turned itself on, told me it had run into problems so I opted to reset it. It went through that process while I went to work. The wife came home, it was on, she signed in ran some updates and left it. We came home later that evening and it wouldn't power on again. I kept trying the power button and eventually, the little white light on the caps lock button came on but then that was it.

So, it seems as though the thing is faulty. I got it from Currys and it has only been used for around five weeks and event then it has hardly been used.

Is there any chance Currys will take it back and replace it? I am expecting them to send it off for repair but I would prefer a replacement. Would I be right to expect a replacement?
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Unlikely, anything over a month and they will get two chances of repair and then replace. It does sound like a lemon though.
Yeah, I do actually work in IT but I am not even going to contemplate looking at it properly because it is so new. I did take the battery out etc etc and test it that way but no luck. All of our kit in work is Dell, from monitors, tablets, docking stations, laptops, pc's and we very rarely have problems. I am writing this on my work Dell Latitude E5540 and it is around 2-3 years old, I use it for personal use and it has had a hammering but has not skipped a beat.
As with any brand, you get the odd duffer as something gets dislodged in transit. I would ask Currys to confirm if the send it back to Dell. If they do, you are likely to get ot rebuilt or replaced. If Currys tech bods stick their mits in it, they might get lucky and jiggle the right connector.

See here for info on your rights…act. You coudl also look on Money Saving Expert

I thought Dell supplied their own warranty even on shop bought goods. Have you tried contacting them? Alternatively, go here…nty

and put in the service tag to see what warranty dell have in mind for it.
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yeah I have already been to dell and put in the service tag and it has said that I have a warranty until Jan 19. I don't mind going down this route but I want to go to the shop first, if it was three months or six months old I wouldn't mind having it repaired but this is just 5-6 weeks old!
No way they will replace it after 30 days.

They only have to repair it.

Go through Dell directly. That's my advice.
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