Dell Inspiron 7577 or MacBook Pro 15 Retina

Found 15th Dec 2017
Hi, I brought the dell 7577 but I already have a MacBook Pro mid 2015 15 inch. I was thinking of returning my MacBook and keeping the dell. Can someone let me know if I’m making the right decision and the advantages and disadvantages of both. Thank you!
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Do you game at all? If you do then Dell.
Pros of Macbook:
Superior build quality
Better battery life
Better speakers
Nicer screen
Thinner and lighter
Less viruses
Better resale value

Pros of Dell:
More powerful
More versatile os??
Cheaper to buy
Fingerprint sensor
Same boat, struggling to choose between MacBook Pro and dell 7577...
MacBook Pro will be silent whereas couple of fans in dell... Noisy?
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