Dell Inspiron 9400 Charger

    Hey guys, recently my Dell Inspiron 9400 charger has just randomly stopped working for me so i am in the market for a new one.
    I've seen a few on ebay as cheap as £10. Would these be good enough as a long term replacement, or is it a known fact of some sort that these are cheap knock-offs that wont last long?
    Any comments or suggestions would be great thanks.



    sounds too cheap, will be a bad knock off
    keep looking for a higher rated seller, or you might find a used genuine, i think the 9400 has a common 19v dell charger, so either a good quality part or genuine should be easy to get for just a few quid more


    check ebay part number


    Output: 19.5V 3.34A

    see if that matches your needs, 15.85 for the proper item

    i think it will just charge a little slower, as the 9400 charger is 4.62a but same voltage

    Original Poster

    Wont really care about taking long to charger it will more or less be on charge all the time lol
    cheers guys, ill give that a shot hubby mate. thx +1
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