Dell Inspiron Desktop 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i3-6100T Processor

    Just phoned Dell as my pc has packed in. They offered me this pc at the reduced price of £307. Price seems good. Any objections welcome!!!


    Which PC? All you've listed in the model range it comes from and the processor.

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    Sorry, bad day.. Dell CD65014

    seem good


    Seems expensive to me

    Has no dedicated video card and does not mention if it comes with SSD. Skylake cpu is decent when paired with a high end graphics card.


    Sorry, bad day.. Dell CD65014

    It's a good price for what it is. It's a shame it's penny pinching on the cooling system by using the slower 6100T instead of the normal 6100, it's nowhere near small enough for that to be a sensible choice. And the usual lack of an SSD is always frustrating.

    The extra £20 worth of memory over most systems at that price is good though, and that 15 litre case of the Inspiron 3650 is a nice thing, 50-60% of the size of the average tower case that takes full size expansion cards.

    If it suits you, go for it.

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    I have no idea if it suits me, i am useless with computers. I only use it for browsing, the odd video, etc..
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