Dell Inspiron Mini 9 running on Ubuntu Linux. Can i put windows on it and if so how?

    The link to the exact specification will be posted in the first post


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    Its the first one on the link with the ubuntu operating system

    I think you can, but the 4Gb HD is going to be used up very quickly. Noticed that it only has 512 ram, which is low. There are better Netbooks out there.

    yes but wouldn't work as well as the steamline system of linux.
    P.S Installing windows on a linux pc makes god kill a puppy.

    You probably could but wouldn't have much room left on the HDD. Whats wrong with Ubuntu?

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    i would be happy to keep the ubuntu system on there but the reason i want windows on there is my wife is a teacher and uses microsoft word on our home computer and then when she uses the dell mini for the same work it all goes all everywhere. She sets out tables on our home computer and then when she opens them in open office on the dell min they are not where they were on the home dell. Ive tried updating to the laest version of open office but it wont install. Any other ideas?

    There are slim versions of XP around (currently using one on my netbook), which should be fine and not take up to much HDD space. But do you really want the death of a puppy on your hands?

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    The death of a puppy is a concern to me!! Im happy with ubuntu but just need to find a way to make documents appear as they do on my home dell as it would save alot of time

    install wine and you can run ms office in linux.

    in ubuntu open a terminal and do something like:

    sudo apt-get install wine

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    thank u all for ur advice!! Rep left accordingly

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