Dell inspiron Mini netbook 1010 broken - where to get it fixed?

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Found 29th Oct 2010
Hi, I bought a Dell mini after seeing it as a deal on this site last year. It is (was) an excellent machine and I was really happy with it.
However 1 year and 1 week after delivery it has broken - typically 1 week out of warantee.

The saga:
Yesterday I installed Coral Draw trial software on it, and also was trying to install a Twain driver and scanner software for an old USB scanner I have. (I know corel draw on the netbook is not a good idea but it was only very temporary test)

Later that night it suddenly switched itself off.

Tried to reboot and got to the safe\etc boot screen but choosing safe or normal it would just blink for a few seconds and then switch off.

Now when I turn it on the light comes on for about 2 seconds and it switches itself off, nothing on the screen.

Help - there doesn't seem like a lot I can do? Anyone provide any pointer as to what the problem is likely to be?

How much it will cost to fix, or if I can connect via another computer etc etc.


id start with the hdd or ram, you got any techie friends to have a look? if not id use a local computer shop and avoid PC World like the plague

if you can get a usb stick to boot hirens boot disc then you could run some of the tools to check hdd, ram etc (does sound like hdd to me tho)

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WhatsThePoint - Put in a claim with Dell? Isn't it a case that it is out of warantee so they would charge to fix? Or is there some special deals available?

leemole101 - I assume it won't be automatically set to book from usb drive, so would putting a boot software on a usb work?
As people say PCWorld etc are not a good idea, but also not sure how much a local computer shop could do? Maybe I would have to try. I will have a look on Dell site to see how much a new HDD would be and see if I could order and install.
Thanks both.

its a bit more difficult than just pluggin it in but i wouldnt just buy a new hdd without diagnosing the problem


1 they may do it as a good will gesture, ring and ask they can only say … 1 they may do it as a good will gesture, ring and ask they can only say no2 by EU law they have to cover it for 6 years anyway

1. True
2. Not True

if you download hirens iso, then get unetbootin and make a bootable usb drive. plug it in then when you first boot press F12 and select usb

or do you live near derby ?
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Nowhere near Derby.
Just tried again and after many tests over the last day or so it came up with the safe boot etc menu option. But no matter what I do it just powers off after about 10 secs.
Maybe this points to the power supply ?
S*ds law it went to the safe mode screen once I was on the phone to Dell technical support. As I didn't have much confidence in the person I was speaking to I said I would call back, thinking maybe the PC would get further.
So I am still stuck and will put it aside for the weekend and relax.

Thanks for everyones help.

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I don't understand it.

Days of trying and the computer doesn't want to know.
Then today I remove the 3 cell (I know) battery and plug it into the mains and it works.
Then after uninstalling coral draw (on a netbook, again I know) etc it all seems to be working 100%.
Then plugging the battery in that is all fine as well.
(I had already all that before but it didn't work.)

So it is as if there has never been a problem. I am not sure if there is something loose inside and it has re-seated itself or maybe a corrupt part of the HDD has now been marked as corrupt so it is ok?

All I know is everything is working - for now.

Thanks to all those who helped, hopefully I won't need to post any more updates, apart from saying it still works, here again.
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