Dell - is it worth waiting ?


    Is it worth waiting for the sales in the new year to purchase a laptop ?

    Also, due to the weak Dollar, could the US be a valid source ??




    With the US you'll have an issue with power supply. Personally I would prefer to buy UK, in case of any issues.

    If you're not desperate or a laptop then I would definitely wait till Jan. Prices are over inflated this time of year.

    Laptops all run on a 18v DC power supply (i think)

    so you will need a UK power cable AC/DC adapter thing but it will work fine.

    What you need to worry about is import duty.

    Buying from the USA has become extremely popular due to the weak dollar, and therefore HM customs are really clamping down.

    While in the past it was quite uncommon to have the package checked & duty applied. Now it is almost mandatory.

    VAT + Handling Fee + Reposting Fee.
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