Found 8th Sep 2008
hi, just recieved my laptop today, and theres a SD slot with a dell card in there, does anyone know what this is? just says N541D, dunno if its real or anything lol



its got a card in it?
does it have the info of 30,000 bank accounts on it lol

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i dunno lol dunno if i can get in it, lol

No just 5000 prison officers.
Are you sure its not just a blank card to stop dust getting in.

like the things u used to get in card slots in older laptops

I got one in my M1330 and it was just a blank piece of plastic to act as a dust-guard, I see Broxy said this above. It's not a real card unless it has the metal contacts that a real card would have. If you have an ExpressCard Slot then it should probably have one too for the same purpose.

As above. It is a dummy card to stop getting into the slot.

Hi guys,

I formatted my vostro 1310 few days ago. Then I realized that my SD card reader is not functioning. Anyone know how to rectify this problem?

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