Dell Laptop...

    Anybody any idea what the best deal is on a Dell laptop with the following features atm:
    Would like it to be/have
    - Core2duo
    - Windows Vista premium
    - preferably NOT widescreen, but not a must
    - DVD R/RW drive
    - doesn't need to have a mega amount of memory as it'll be mostly for internet and word etc but would like it not to be reeeeealy reaaally slow
    - quite like the truelife? (shiny) screen

    Currently have a Dell inspiron 5160 which has served me well, however as well as it still runs, the poor mouse has seen better days and likes to click lots of times for me :roll:


    There aren't any great Dell lappy deals at the mo..look on Thursday as we are overdue some decent lappy deals.

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    Cheers for that currychops
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