Dell Laptop always crashes while playing games

I recently bought a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. The graphics card is a 8600M GT. Its never once crashed during normal operation i.e. word, internet etc but whenever i play games it has a problem. The game will always load up and work for 5 minutes. Then it will either crash or minimize and there will be a little notice in the bottom right of the task bar saying the graphics driver has crashed and has now fully recovered. Then you can play again before it happens all over again. This is really annoying since i got the decent graphics card so i could actually play half decent games like tomb raider legend which is what I'm trying right now.

I just wondered if anyone has had this problem and if they know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.


have you downloaded the latest drivers ? Don't know if this will help but you could go into the graphic options and turn off VPU recover if there is one on the laptop.

If it is a fairly recent laptop the Dell online support service is helpful - if a little slow sometimes…gen
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