Dell Laptop? Good deal?

    Hi guys sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this, not sure which part of the forum to enter my query.

    Is this a cracking deal?

    I like the spec, but not sure it there is better out there?

    Appreciate any help, tips or advice.




    Have you check how much it is if you order it it direct from Dell?

    Although Dell is not the most exciting laptop, but they are reliable and build to last.

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    Seems quite overpriced for a dell, which is the case for most Laptops and PC's sold at places like tesco's , comet etc.

    Your probally better off ordering a dell direct through the dell website, you'll probally get a better deal and it gives you the option to customize the computer yourself to match the specs your after.

    Why is this a deal?

    If you are happy to buy from the Dell outlet then I picked up a better spec 15R (Core i5) for £377 last week.

    Go through DELL - They should offer free upgrades!

    Give them a telephone call and they'll be better placed to customise it
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    Sorry guys first time i have been on here...

    Been on the dell website but having problems customising the computer, tesco offer still seems to be cheaper unless I am doing something wrong?

    Can't actually see what the computer is now because the links gone, what one was it?

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    Here we go mate...…spx

    I would want the warranty to that tesco offer that is £119 for 3 years but if i can get a better deal elsewhere then wonderful

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    Keeps on saying when i try and post:

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    Maybe because I am trying to reply with a link?

    The catalogue number on tesco direct is: 210-9257

    And I was thinking of getting the 3 year warranty tesco offer for £119...

    The reason I think they are reliable is because we use them at work and we are not particularly careful with them, and they still manage to stay in one piece

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    yeah looks the same mate but think its a different processor isnt it? and also think in your link the graphics card may be different (better thou i think)

    Yeah your right I think the processor and Graphics card are different but to be honest I'm not sure the differences and which are better or worse.

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    cheers for that mrmuir22 appreciate your help mate

    anyone else know if they are any better regarding the processor and graphics card?

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    nothing on that link mate?

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    Forgot to mention with the tesco deal I get 10% of as I work for tesco.. so it would be around the £450 mark for that spec... would that make it a better deal?

    yeah sounds ok if you get your discount at that price and I think the processor is better with the tesco one plus you'll also get your clubcard points
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