Dell Laptop - Is this a good deal?

Found 20th Jan
Hey guys wondering if this might be a good deal?
I'm not really up to date on Laptops!

Thanks in advance!

Dell E6530
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Doesn't sound a bad deal although I suspect it is quite old with that CPU. A ,lot depends on which screen it has. Wikipaedia says its a 12/13 model.…ude

Ask the seller for the Service Tag and go onto Dell Europe's Support website (search google). Put in the service tag and you can find out when it was built. Latitude was the business range so it ma also have been nicked but could equally be a machine someone bought off a firm.

Windows 10 license may be dodgy and not re-loadable. You will need to do that as its an SSD and they go pop after a few years.

Non touch screen to state the obvious.

12meg RAM suggests it has unbalanced RAM (an 8+4) I think W10 copes with that better but equal sized sticks is better. If its an older machine, you can probably pick that up quite cheap.
If it's in good condition it's not a bad machine but don't be misled by the title. It is NOT a gaming laptop by any stretch of the imagination, so if that's what you were looking for, move along please.…tml
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