Dell laptop problem

    Hey there,

    I purchased a dell laptop 3 weeks ago (Inspiron n5010) and was really pleased when it came. It seemed reasonably quick and capable of handling the programs i use on a day to day basis.

    As usual the system came with dells 'bloated programs' so i decided to do a fresh build. I installed my own copy of windows 7and got the computer up to the stage where i could start working on it.

    For the first 2 weeks the laptop was great, pretty quick and more than good enough for what i need. However, last Sunday i turned the laptop off for around 5 hours and when i turned it on it took me to windows 7 recovery screen as there was an error on start up.

    No matter how long i left windows to do what it needed it wouldn't boot properly and i was stuck on that screen.(Wouldn't boot to safe mode)

    Over the previous week i must have reinstalled 2 different versions of windows around 6 times. After the clean install the system runs smoothly again. Once the laptop is left switched off for a few hours it once again returns to the windows 7 recovery screen and wont boot.

    Iv contacted dell by email and phone and been told to wait until monday. Has anybody got any ideas about what i can do? or anybody had any similar experiences?

    Thanks very much



    How does it run with the original dell supplied windows??

    Would of reinstalled their operating system and found out if doing the same.They will probably say software issue and tuff not covered under warranty.

    its possible a disk problem, but try the original dell version of windows only (driver issue?) as mentioned by shanecr above.
    Whilst its working, run something like:…dex
    and a hard disk test tool

    Dell usually provide a system diagnostic cd. Boot off that and run a full diagnostic scan (Dell support use the same). It may tell you if there is a hardware prob. It could be a dodgy disk sector although rare for a new disk.

    If Dell didn't provide you with a diag cd you may be able to download it from their support site - assuming you have access to another computer.

    One more thing - make sure you do a full disk format before you next install windows.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help guys.
    I'm going to spend some MORE time in it tomorrow and I'll post an update with my findings and hopefully it will help other people.

    Btw I didn't make a restore disk with the original os as I didn't see the need. Stupid me haha

    Thanks again


    Sounds like a dodgy HDD to me.

    This sounds very similar to a problem I've had internittently with a laptop I spent over a grand on with dell earlier this year. I have gone ballistic at them on many occasions. However something one techie I spoke to told me to try seems to work and it's a lot quicker than reinstalling everything all the time. Turn the machine off and then press your function key (FN) simultaneously with the power button for a couple of seconds. It should then look like it is bootin in a regular fashion. This will then change to a list of tests the co,mputer will carry out. after about 15 mins you can abort the advanced tests and restart your machine it should work fine from this point.

    Agreed this is not ideal and quite poo in a new machine but it does seem to solve a problem. Whe I asked why it works the techie says it reverts certain aspects to the original settings without wiping any of your data.

    Hope this has been of some use.

    I would try and load the factory image provided it is still accessible; it may not be as you installed the O/S manually.
    To try this you usually need to hit the F8 key after the Dell logo appears which is before Windows starts loading.
    Then you choose the Repair option and on the next screen the option is to 'reinstall Dell factory image' or similar.
    This is the quickest way to reinstall Windows and it has all the drivers installed; but probably not the latest.
    If it is a hardware problem this will also help confirm it as you will have returned the system software to the exact state it was in when it shipped which worked fine.

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    Hello people,
    Iv had a play around with all the suggestions given and i am still in the same predicament :(.
    Iv checked the error code from the diagnostics and it seems as though its a fault HDD.
    Im going to contact dell support tomorrow to request a replacement.(Wish me luck)

    Thanks to everyone who has helped


    Original Poster

    Just to let everybody know whats happening,
    A dell technician is coming tomorrow between 9-5 (ARRRRRGH) to replace my hard drive.
    Thanks for all of your help


    Original Poster

    All fixed
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