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    Returned my laptop which is having problems burning discs to CPW today. They said they will send it back to Dell. My question is - what do Dell usually do? I mean, are they likely to repair it by wiping it all. I know this sounds like a silly question, but really worried that may lose my operating system (windows 7) which I put on - as surely if they put win 7 on it again then it wont work with my recovery disc. Also, I have office 2007 on my laptop, which I dont want to lose. Also stupidly, I forgot to remove the history on my laptop - and therefore all my saved passwords still there! Changed main ones just now though. I just hope that Dell dont go snooping through my laptop but on other hand worried they may wipe it! Ahhh


    You are supposed to back up your system before sending it off for repair, but CPW should have given you the opportunity to do so.

    Talk to CPW if they have not sent it away already. Don;t worry with the OS as Dell will put it back. Installing office again after a format should not be a problem. Just remember to wipe off your personal data.

    If its a disc burning problem they should just change the drive and test. BUT as cbryanp says above, you should have backed everything up before sending it back.

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    If its a disc burning problem they should just change the drive and test. … If its a disc burning problem they should just change the drive and test. BUT as cbryanp says above, you should have backed everything up before sending it back.

    Its ok now, I have the MS office disc, and password. However had problems last time as its been on more computers than 3 now and so I had to call them - MS did give me a new product activation key though.I did take off all data, did not have much on it.

    Do you think if they do wipe it then they will give me a new Win 7 disc? Worried my recovery disc (if I ever need it) wont work if they put windows 7 on and dont give me the disc they used

    If, when Dell repair the laptop, they have to replace the CD/DVD drive, they in all likely hood will wipe the machine and start from scratch. They will do this to ensure that the Laptop is loaded with the correct drivers for the CD/DVD drive, as there is no guarantee that the CD/DVD drive they are replacing the faulty one with is the same make. Part of the Dell repair policy states that they will repair or replace, but where like for like is not available, they will provide equal spec or an upgrade at no cost to the end customer. If this happens, the laptop will likely be restored to factory settings. In other words they will, format the machine, and load the exact image that was on the laptop when you bought it. If you took the option for a recovery DVD when you purchased the laptop, it will be the same image that will be on the laptop when it returns to you.

    If however you have installed Windows 7 yourself, you will need to reinstall. This is not a problem, as you have already installed Windows 7 on your laptop, it is already registered with MS. When installing Win 7, when you are prompted to activate the licence, choose the option to activate via telephone. You will be given a number to call and a reference to key in when prompted. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready, as they will verbally read you an activation code, which you then type in.

    make sure if dell upgrade or change your CD/DVD drive you find out the make/model, or get a copy of the drivers when it is returned, as after you have installed Win 7 you will have to install the required drivers.

    Hope this helps.


    mine went for a repair, and nothing was wiped, may also worth be consiodering some extra warranty, mine went off on last day of warranty, thankfully i got in intime, but also took another 3 years out on it, and since have had to have lid replaced
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