Dell Mini 10

    Any good?

    fair few on the Dell outlet just now at a decent price and was wondering if they are any use?


    i believe that the mini10 on the outlet is as flawed as the mini12 in that it has ram soldered to a daughter board with the cpu on and can therefore not be upgraded after purchase unlike the mini9 (that im typing this message on now)

    re: the outlet mini10s at moment arent that great value, 2 weeks ago i got a mini9 4gb ssd/512mb ram (now upgraded to 2gb from for £13.49) for £95 delivered. There was a mini10 for £180 delivered.

    I'd wait for a better price or look at the new mini10v although i dont know if the memory is upgradable or not on these either but can be had for about £189 after quidco


    , i will never buy dell again.

    Bought a dell mini 2 months ago, the wifi has never worked and has given up completely. Tried ringing dell, i've even emailed them 5 times and never get a respond.

    If anyone knows where i need to send my mini9 back to let me know. I am now in the process of taking dell through the small claims court for failure of their product.

    Dell customer service stinks.
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