dell mini 9 netbook any good?

    Im thinking bout ssigning up to mobile broadband and 3 are giving away the acer netbook but voda hpne are doing the dell mini 9,the acer has better specs but can you upgrade on the dell mini?



    I've got the Dell Mini 9 (ubuntu linux version) with 1Gb ram and 8Gb SSD and find it great. My missus and children fight over it now, so I never get a look in.
    It depends what you want to use it for, it's excellent for web browsing and emails, but a bit limited for use in office applications. The keyboard is small.

    You can upgrade to max 2Gb ram and also upgrade the SSD to various versions, there are loads of forums around which give detailed instructions.


    if you are quick you can get an XP version from the Dell outlet for £141 + VAT and delivery

    It will be expensive upgrading the dell mini 9,
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