Dell mini 9/10

    Hi all iam after a dell mini to install OSX on it. Anyone know the best/cheapest place to pick one of these up from?


    dell outlet store usually sells these at a knockdown price :thumbsup:

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    Is it the 10v that doesnt work with a hackintosh install?

    Yes the 10v is the only dell netbook which works . the 'normal' 10 has a graphics card which does not work with this process…tml

    I recently bought a 10v from the dell outlet for 175 , quite happy with it apart from it taking 2 weeks to come . Seems decent quality only downside is the trackpad is a bit flighty. If you dont want a refurb dell often have offers on this for around 220, with quidco on top.

    Snow leapord Is cheapest on amazon just now at about £23.

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    Ok you need an apple computer to install OSX onto the mini?


    Ok you need an apple computer to install OSX onto the mini?

    Nope - check out the following thread link for details.…=10

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
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