Dell Monitor Warranties

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Found 2nd Feb 2006
I bought a Dell 5150 recently and got a 17" TFT with it. They were both on a 1 year Euro-wide warranty.

I was about to sell the monitor (boxed new) as I already had one.

I emailed Dell to ask them their warranty status (as the potential buyer asked me for it).

Dell said (received an email earlier today - 24hr turnaround which is OK for Dell) that the Monitor would have NO WARRANTY as the warranty came with the 'system' as a whole.


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Thats about right I am afraid, the monitor if bought seperatly would have had a 3yr warranty but if its part of a system it gets its warranty from the system tag number. Some will tell you they have managed to transfer the warranty on a monitor but I never have when its part of a system.
All I can suggest is that you personally warrantee it for the length of time left on the system and if it goes wrong he will have to get you to deal with Dell to repair it. They wont care much where its located but will need your tag and details to do a repair/replace.
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