Dell Monitors-how do you rate them ?-urgent

    Now thinking of buying a Dell 22 inch Monitor as they have a 3year warranty and dead pixel warranty -anyone got one and can tell me if they are any good please-ASAP as thinking of buying tonight .
    Otherwise its the HannsG -but thats out of stock most places and no dead pixel warranty !


    I have a 22" dell - which model number is it your interested in?
    Mine is fantastic - slight backlight bleed, no hdmi or usb but still perfectly functional. Was worth every penny (though annoyingly I'v seen it for alot less than what I paid since!).

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    228wfp is the one i am looking at £220 ish (cant remember exactly!) with 3 year warranty - is that good ? Has dvi and wga input

    I have that one - Serves me very well. £220 not bad (I paid £260 ish ages ago). Alot more than in the US though!
    [SIZE=2]If you do buy don't forget to either go through quidco or phone n negotiate freebies worth more than that (they sometimes throw in a soundbar if they are close to sales targets, so end of week/ month is best time to haggle with em)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Once you have it call up and ask to return it under DSR/ Dells 10 day policy. They usually offer 10-15% for you to keep it as it saves them selling it on outlet. Should net you it for under £200 effective without much difficulty. I'd aim for £180.[/SIZE]

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    Its on fleabay ! Dearer on Dell website by about £50!

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    no-one else on here got one ??

    I've got one and am very pleased with it. You can fit two A4 windows side by side to saveyou toggling between the two.

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    All the Dell deals-and only 2 people have a Dell monitor ????

    i would only consider the ULTRASHARP models

    i have a dell 2007WFP and its so sharp and crisp its beautifull

    those 22 use the exact same resolution 1600x1050 but their dot pitch is higher so its less sharper


    i would only consider the ULTRASHARP models

    Agreed, I have an UltraSharp 19" fantastic monitor.. ;-)
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