Dell Motherboard Error LED

Found 9th May 2008
I'm trying to find info on this LED code on my Dell motherboard


Having problems with the desktop and just noticed this little LED shining in the corner, any help or link to where I might be able to find out. I have googled and asked in another forum but not found an answer
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Sounds Like The Power Active Led That All Mb's Have
As raptorcigs says, most motherboards have an LED that indicates the status of the 5V standby power. If it is illuminated then that's a good thing.

On many circuit boards, components are identified by a letter and number.
Capacitors may be Cxxx, resistors may be Rxxx. You may be looking at the numbers for a capacitor and a resistor near the LED.
was to state memory wasn't running correctly have it all sorted now, thanks guys
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